“If I were to describe my experience with Dr. Gary Scardino in one word it would be IMPACTFUL. Even after just one thought provoking conversation with him, I was able to gain massive perspective and a shift in my confidence as an entrepreneur. I can fully see the potential in working with him and am predicting a 300% increase in my business after the advice and clarity he was able to add in my line of work. Dr. Gary Scardino is the real deal, passionate and insightful.”

Alexandra A. CA

“This year will be our fifth Chiropractic Friends seminar. It is now an annual event for us. We enjoy the like-minded fellowship, the relaxed learning atmosphere, and who can forget the food – it amazing! We always look forward to meeting new friends and reconnecting with those we haven’t seen in a while. Dr Gary does an incredible job of getting great speakers and hosting us every year. Thanks Gary!”

Dr. Darryl and Rebecca Hajduczek

“Dr. Gary Scardino is one of my all-time favorite presenters. His talks are funny, sincere and informative. He truly cares about his clients and gives 200% in everything he does. Students and doctors always request him and he is one of my top choices when it comes to bringing in facilitators for my programs. I’ve known Dr. Gary for over 20 years and can honestly recommend him as a speaker, trainer and mentor.”


“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of reference. I first met Dr. Scardino in 2015 while exercising my role as Vice President of Professional Relations at Life University. The first time I heard him speak I knew, without a doubt, that his powerful message needed to be heard. I have been deeply moved and inspired by his passion and knowledge, and by his dedication to spreading the principle of chiropractic. In speaking with other colleagues I have discovered that Dr. Scardino is always well received. His commitment to excellence and in delivering his message with humor never wanes. His authenticity, dedication, preparedness, and service attitude contribute to the ratings he receives from attendees. He has a deep respect for those he serves, and a strong ownership of chiropractic art, science and philosophy. Recently I invited him to speak at Life Vision. He was an instant hit connecting with DCs and students. I know that Dr. Gary Scardino will be a welcomed addition to any program or any team. I am honored to write this letter on his behalf, and privileged to call him a colleague that I appreciate and respect.”


“Thank You Dr. Scardino for creating an incredible opportunity for chiropractors to share their passion and love for chiropractic. It is truly amazing to see the transformation that takes place. Doctors arrive for dinner (the food is AMAZING!) as complete strangers and leave the party on Sunday as ‘Chiropractic Friends’ for life. I can fully appreciate why doctors return year after year! You pour your heart and soul into this event and it shows. Keep up the great work!!!!”


“I just wanted to write you a note of appreciation for all the work and effort you put into creating The Chiropractic Friends Weekend. As the South East Regional Director and Board Member of the Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania (CFoP), I am constantly looking for opportunity to promote fellowship and education within our membership and the Chiropractic community. Chiropractic Friends is an outstanding event which accomplishes both these objectives. I have personally attended several of the Chiropractic Friends weekends. My family and I have enjoyed the weekend immensely. The speakers have been top notch, the food and hotel accommodations were phenomenal and it was a fun time had by all that participated. It is for these reasons that the CFoP has decided to not only endorse the Chiropractic Friends Weekend, but have decided to make it our annual winter fellowship event. Thanks for all you do!”

Stuart E. Katzen - M.S., D.C

“I have known Dr. Scardino for three years now. He has embraced me with open arms. He has become a good friend and advisor. I first started with the triple play of his Health, Wealth and Happiness program. Well, I have lost over 30 pounds, my blood pressure is under control without medication, receiving sound coaching for my business and exploring wealth attraction with knowledge of targeting the winners in my life. He is kind and friendly in demeanor. He is very easy to get along with, yet he is frank and direct when he knows it is in your best interest for him to do so. My journey is not over, but I am grateful to God that he has guided Dr. Scardino to me.”

Luke D. Titus - Golden Fist Karate, PA

“Dr. Gary T. Scardino! Congratulations on your wonderful program Health Wealth and Happiness! You always keep amazing me with your vibrant, inspirational, and beautiful MIND!! Thank you so much for adding so much value to this world! You are living a true life of significance!”


“I have known Dr. Scardino for a long time. We are friends and colleagues and frequently seek each other out for advice and to exchange ideas. I have watched him on his journey for knowledge and am never surprised when he aligns himself with the best of the best. When he takes off his friend hat and puts on his mentorship hat he is serious, witty, caring and knowledgeable. Using him as an accountability partner keeps me on track with my goals and helps me put my vision into reality. You won’t be disappointed hiring him as a speaker or to coach or mentor you. His presentations and seminars are enlightening and funny and will amplify your success immensely.”