Meet Dr. Scardino

Hi, I’m Dr. Gary Scardino

I’ve been studying Health, Wealth and Happiness Success Principles for over 30 years. At an early age I learned that success leaves clues. I also learned the importance of aligning myself with the most successful people in the field.

One recurring theme in my life is the fact that I love to help other people reach their highest potential. As I learned the Secrets of Health, Wealth and Happiness Success Principles my natural inclination was to seek ways to share this knowledge with others. I started my professional career as a Chiropractor and run a successful practice in Newtown, PA. After learning the amazing principles of Vitalism I refocused my life and headed for LIFE University in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduation I settled in Newtown, PA. with my family. Originally my love for children and admiration for Mothers, led me to practice Chiropractic with a focus on pediatrics and pregnancy care. After a few years in practice, and through my continued thirst for knowledge, I accumulated unique Chiropractic techniques as well as advanced nutrition procedures. My practice began to attract patients with Fibromyalgia as well as many other difficult syndromes and conditions. It was not too long after I was bestowed a Board Certified Diplomate in Holistic Addiction Recovery. I have used Chiropractic, Nutrition, Auriculotherapy and exercise to rebuild health, heal organ systems and re-balance brain chemistry. My recovery program when combined with talk therapy and 12 step programs dramatically increases a person’s chance of recovery.

Years of working with my Newtown, PA clients has put me on a never-ending journey for knowledge and self-improvement. I have learned success principles from the masters in human potential that have changed my life. From these teachings I have developed a wellness program to share this knowledge through coaching, weekly mentorship group, my chiropractic clients and the wide audience I can reach from the stage.

The positive changes I’ve gained in my life has ignited a strong desire to share this knowledge with others who are still being bound by fear, ignorance, false beliefs and life fatigue.

I am certified and have worked closely with John Maxwell, Jack Canfield and Joe Vitale. All masters in success and life coaching. Over the years I have developed a unique curriculum based on these teachings and have worked hard to offer my programs at an affordable price point so I can share this knowledge with many. My advanced programs utilize Leadership Skills, Business Success Principles, Wealth Attraction Techniques, Constant Self Improvement Skills and Intentional Living Protocols to help unlock your full potential. These important gifts can help shape our world and engage each individual in a journey of constant and never-ending self-improvement.

After running my very successful Elite Health, Wealth & Happiness Program I became frustrated. Knowing the extreme financial cost I paid to acquire this knowledge I wanted to develop a program that can be affordable for anyone willing to make the investment in themselves, their families and the profoundly amazing emerging future they had in store. My mission: To Make Specialized Knowledge Common Knowledge.

I am very proud to introduce to you my new Health, Wealth & Happiness Mentorship Program. It has taken thousands of hours to develop this program and I have had much success with patients, clients and recovery members.

If you are one of the special people willing to take a chance and join this adventure called LIFE, together we can create your Ultimate Success Story!