Goal Setting Amplifier Seminar

Goal Setting Amplifier Seminar: Living The Laws of Abundance & Attraction

Totally explode your goal setting procedures.

By learning how to live The Laws of Abundance and Attraction you will have a better understanding of how to

create and nourish your emerging future!

This seminar is recommended for individuals or teams and will take you through a specialized series of lessons that are sure to create your best and most rewarding life.

The universe is abundant and ready to reward us with riches every second of every day! By using the proven laws of the universe together we will tap into this abundance. By learning how to live with intention we will set goals that stretch us further than we ever thought possible!

Join Dr. Gary Scardino for this Acclaimed  Goal Setting Seminar.

During the morning session we will learn about how to tap into the Laws of Abundance and Attraction. We will also discover if you are sabotaging yourself without even knowing it. Are you actually blocking these two incredible laws unintentionally and keeping real success away?  Let’s find out together and speed up the arrival of your Emerging Future!

We will join together for a Gratitude Meal at Lunchtime.  Amplifying this most powerful success attraction technique in a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

After lunch, we will reconvene and I will lead the group through guided visualizations as we break out of our everyday trances and reconnect to the abundant universe and all of it’s gifts.  When we incorporate these guided visualizations and then write down our goals you will feel the TRUE POWER of Abundant and Attraction Goal Setting!


I have taken many goal setting classes and have had limited success with a few of them. In 2017 I took my first Living The Laws of Abundance and Attraction in Goal Setting Seminar with Dr. Scardino. I can honestly say that it was the only time I have ever hit every single one of my goals in the next 12 months! The day was powerful and that connection did not wear off after I left. I was awakened to my true potential and activated the skills I already had but was not utilizing. I continue to use what I learned and look forward to attending again and again!

Dr. Ronda Sharman- Md

Join me as I guide you through your past wins, release you from your present setbacks and amplify your vision of your goals for incredible success. This seminar is a must for anyone ready to blast past the next level on their way to their most inspired life.

Our next seminar is Saturday January 11, 2020 in Spring Lake, New Jersey. At the beautiful Breakers On The Ocean

Register today as spaces are filling fast!