Chiropractic Friends Weekend

Chiropractic Friends is very excited to host Dr. Gilles LaMarche as our main speaker this year!

Dr. Gille LaMarche is a fantastic speaker and we are honored and lucky to have him.  Dr. Gilles LaMarche is a chiropractor, educator, passionate healer, accomplished author and professional speaker. Dr. LaMarche found his calling as a healer when at the age of twelve he was taken to a chiropractor after years spent as an “unwell” child. His only expectation was that a chiropractor might help him resume regular activities without pain; little did he know that one meeting would change the course of his life. His high volume principled practice was home to more than 750,000 office visits over 25 years.

For almost 40 years, he has studied the philosophy of success, a hobby that has supported his vision to share the message of health and personal responsibility. He is the author of 13 books and numerous articles focused on health and healing. In addition to his roles as Vice President of University Advancement at Life University, member of The Australian Spinal Research Foundation Research Review Panel, and appointments to numerous committees and boards in Cobb County, Gilles is a proud father and “Papa” to his loving family.

Gilles has learned to balance his life, enjoying a successful professional career and a wonderful personal life. His personal philosophy encompasses mind, body and spirit. He believes in the great importance of commitment and responsibility to the world in which we live. His mission is to help all those he meets. Dr. Gilles has chosen to live his life from a position of “Loving Service – My First Technique”, a way of life he learned from his mentor Dr. James W. Parker.

Becoming a Cultural Authority to better serve through Chiropractic will be the theme of this weekend with Dr. Gilles LaMarche. Join us for a very informative weekend as we learn how to communicate with certainty, have references to back up what you say, and increase your impact on the health and wellbeing of your community, as well as your practice. This presentation will help you better influence your patients healing and lead them to better choices about their health.

Topics this year include:


This full day presentation by Dr. Gilles A. LaMarche will be divided in 2 parts.


Part I- Are you a Cultural Authority Yet?



During this section

  • We will focus on:
  • Identity as a profession – who are we?
  • Value – what chiropractic offers society.
  • How you can bring it to the people.
  • Should we fight for authority or lead with science?
  • Developing critical thinking skills.
  • Define evidence-based practice and the rules of evidence
  • Explore the science related to:
  • Mechano receptor input
  • Neuro modulatory effects of chiropractic care
  • Poly Vagal Theory
  • Neuro vertebral influence on the autonomic NS system


Part II – Chiropractic – Improving Quality of Life


During this section we will explore the research that shows:

  • The importance of cervical spine alignment
  • Sagittal deformity and clinical importance
  • Brain body connection
  • The impact of chiropractic care on established cardiac risk factors
  • Systemic effects of spinal lesions
  • Destructive impact of abnormal posture


All of this information will be presented from a patient centric point of view, and how it is in the public interest to learn to communicate chiropractic and its value with honesty and integrity. There is no need to embellish or exaggerate what chiropractic can offer. The truth exists in science. Cultural authority will be established when you learn to speak with confidence, based on science. After you attend this seminar you will know how to communicate with certainty, have references to back up what you say, and your impact on the health and wellbeing of your community will grow, as will your practice.


In this age of information, ignorance is a choice. Join us and increase your certainty so you can positively impact humanity.


February 21, 22, 23 2020

Main Seminar Saturday February 22, 2020

Chiropractic Friends is a fantastic weekend of food, fun and fellowship.  It was created as an excuse to get together with like-minded chiropractors to share knowledge and have fun along with our spouses and children!  We spend time together as a group, to bond and to reconnect with old friends! Chiropractic Friends will be held on the  weekend of February 21, 22, 23 2020 at the beautiful Breakers on the Ocean  in Spring Lake, NJ. . The main event of the seminar will be held on Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM.  This year we will have a special BONUS SESSION with Dr. LaMarche on Friday night starting at 6 PM for all doctors and guests. Life University will host a Student Event for anyone interested in a  career in Chiropractic. Please refer your patients and potential students to register for this Friday evening event at 6PM.

At this special Friday night assembly Dr. LaMarche will speak about LIFE U and the VITALISTIC lifestyle!  Doctors Friday Dinner will start at 8 PM following Dr. LaMarche’s presentation. The rest of Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday morning revolves around meals and fellowship opportunities with our speaker and each other.  You are welcome to pick and choose your days and meals and decide how long you would like to enjoy this fantastic event. Each registration includes one ticket to our Thanksgiving lunch on Saturday.  The first 10 people to register will have VIP front of the room reserved seating!

TO be determined check back please for verification. Doctors of Chiropractic can add Continuing Education Credits for the following states to their registration: CO, CT, DE, District of Columbia, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, IA, MA, MD, MI, MS, MT, NE, NY, NJ, NC, NH, ND, OH, OR, RI, SC, SD, UT, VT, VA, WA, WI, WY, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania.  2 for 1 CE credits until January 20th.  REGISTER TODAY!!

Babysitting is also available!

Due to the cozy atmosphere of our venue, space is very limited! I recommend you register today to save your spot!

Press the registration button and pick and choose which meals and how many guests you will be attending with!  If you like you can register for the seminar now and return before January 10 to register for your meals!!

Feel free to call me with ANY and ALL questions you may have about this weekend!


Chiropractic Friends has quickly grown into “the place to be” for an intimate family oriented escape filled with excellent food, beautiful accommodations and top speakers!!

Dear Chiropractic Friends,

Maybe by now you have heard about Chiropractic Friends! If not I welcome you to one of the greatest Chiropractic events of the year! (Not my words). About nineteen years ago I created Chiropractic Friends to fill a void in my life. After bumping into a great friend of mine from Chiropractic school I realized that despite our best efforts to keep in touch, too many years had passed since our last visit. After discussing our frustration I decided to start Chiropractic Friends.

My idea was simple, how about we get together with as many friends as possible and also invite like-minded Chiropractors?  How about we have plenty of opportunities to sit and relax and grow and share? Hey, instead of the chiropractic greats up on stage fifty feet away why not hang out with them all weekend and really connect? Why not have it at a beautiful setting? And practically have the place to ourselves?

Instead of having to leave our spouses, significant others and children home again while we attend another seminar, why not bring them along and really include them?  Unlike normal industry seminars, we invite the kids and get baby-sitters! We invite the spouses and get a room with a Jacuzzi and fireplace!  Make this into a fantastic weekend tradition.   Rooms are discounted and second night stays are 1/2 off the first night!  I look forward to seeing you this year!

We are graciously welcomed at The BREAKERS in Spring Lake, NJ. They discounted the rooms and pile on the hospitality. Enjoy delicious food, fun times, dancing and hanging out. Add in a bunch of super speakers and pick and choose the events you want to attend. The whole weekend is a la carte and we offer a variety of options for 2 night, 1 night or seminar only registration.  Register from this page then CALL THE BREAKERS (732) 449-7700 and  ask for the  Chiropractic Friends SPECIAL RATE ( Off Season RATE the FIRST night and 50% OFF THE SECOND NIGHT!)

We are proud to be sponsored by IMPAC and Arthrostim.  I have been using the Arthrostim as well as the Vibracusser in my practice and am very pleased with their addition to my adjusting and the results I have been achieving.

I am also excited to support LIFE University and to host this  amazing speaker who has had such an incredible impact on my Vitalistic and Professional life.

Enjoy the passion and inspiration from one of the most articulate and entertaining chiropractor!

Friday Evening: we will start with our family style Italian Dinner with food so delicious even my Sicilian grandmother would ask for seconds! 8 PM kids invited to attend.

Saturday Seminar: 9 AM Saturday we have a fantastic program lined up with our  keynote speaker.  We’ll be sharing the latest philosophy and trends, cutting edge developments in Chiropractic, personal development to truly ignite your life and practices not just for Monday morning but for years to come. We’ll break for a leisurely lunch with our spouses and teams to enjoy exceptional cuisine and fellowship. Chiropractic Friends invented the relaxed extended lunch!

Saturday Night: we’ll meet for a scrumptious four course meal and comradeship!   Kids in babysitting will have their own meal and party time! ( or sleepies if parents choose) 7 PM

Sunday Morning: stay for family breakfast , watch the kids exchange emails, say goodbye to your old friends and of course to your new ones. Time to be determined by participant vote : )

Join Like minded Chiropractors just like you for an amazing weekend of FOOD, FELLOWSHIP and Fun!

Oh yeah, did I mention the full day of baby-sitting on Saturday? I know some couples who come just for that! The kids have a great time and are well taken care of.  They organize talent shows, games and crafts as well as pizza parties, sundae parties and more! Friday night and Sunday mornings we spend together with our families really locking in and strengthening the Chiropractic bonds.  In between we have opportunities to hang out, philosophize, group runs and meditation sessions!

The last 20 years have been fantastic and I know that most families are returning this year. Due to the cozy nature of the event there are limited spaces available. If you wait until the last minute you may miss out!  The nicest rooms are reserved early, so don’t delay.  Feel free to call me 215-860-7275 with any questions and reserve your seat by purchasing your tickets below. THEN CALL THE BREAKERS (732) 449 -7700 and ask for the Chiropractic Friends Rate. First night discounted and second night 50% off the first night.  Pick from standard rooms, family rooms or Fireplace and Jacuzzi Bath Suites!

Need babysitting services?  We are happy to set that up for you but please contact us ASAP to discuss prices so we can make sure we have enough sundae dishes!

I am looking forward to seeing you there! And while you’re making plans don’t forget to call that Chiropractic friend you lost touch with and invite them too.

Your Chiropractic Friend,
Dr. Gary Scardino Past speakers have included Drs. Guy Riekeman, Jim Sigafoose , Pat Gentempo and Chris Kent, Tedd Koren and Larry Markson, Dean DePice, Sharon Gorman to name a few!

 I love questions  call me at 215-860-7275  You can pay over the phone or with a check made out to Dr. Gary Scardino or by the easiest method of the register button which give you your options and take you to PAYPAL.

PPS. The Friendships, Knowledge and Memories  are Outstanding with this Elite Group of Doctors.  Do Not Miss This Event



Chiropractic Friends is once again proud to be supported by LIFE University.

We will be hosting a student informational event on Friday with Dr. Gilles for potential students interested in learning more about a career in Chiropractic.


It’s Not A Seminar… It’s A Party With A Speaker!

All events are Ala Carte Pick and choose one or all!



Call 215-860-7275 to register on the phone!