What is SUCCESS?

What is SUCCESS?

Many of you have followed me for a few years now and you hear me say that word a lot. But some of you are new to my family (welcome cousins! ) and you may be confused when thinking about success.  The reason for that is simply because success is defined differently by different people.   For some success is just having a job, for others it is living a life debt free, providing for yourself and your family and maybe a vacation every year.

Some believe success would never be complete if it didn’t include riches, fast boats and fancy cars.  The truth is only you can define what success means to you and only you can decide when you have reached it.  I would like to challenge you today by saying no matter where you are right now, you can always be better.   I also would like to say that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be better.   Listen there is nothing wrong with wanting to be wealthier.

Money makes the world goes round and all we need is LOVE!  Right?  If you have more money than you need and you know how to love, then just think about all the good you can do in the world.  But if you have tons of money and resentment or fear in your heart then it is tough to live your best life possible.

Listen it is not all about more money, but I teach a few classes about abundance and I will tell you that rich or poor, it is better to be rich!  Better for you, better for your family, better for your community and Church, Temple or Synagogue.  I know it is better for your favorite charity.  Think about how many dogs you can save, wounded warriors you can help, houses you can build or college educations you can fund with an extra million or two.  Volunteering is great too!  But how much more time could you give if you weren’t working two jobs and worrying about the dollar bills?  And what about Love?  What about relationships?   We can always improve in those areas.  What about health?  Maybe you need to lose a few pounds or get off some of those medicines.  Maybe you want to run a half marathon or get in shape to travel with your grandchildren!  All great goals. 

I challenge you to look at your life right now and decide where you are.  If you can honestly say everything is really great then congratulations, but please look again and ask yourself “now that I’m doing great who else can I help if I doubled that?”  Contact me for a free consultation or better yet join me for a FREE class on the phone to learn about your comfort zone and see if working with me can lead you to your idea of success and beyond.  Click here.

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